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Air Cargo Carriers

With its headquarters located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Air Cargo Carriers has quickly rose to fame for its reliable quality of service as well as the efficient manner in which it provides those services. The airline was first established back in 1986, and is mainly a contract feeder that provides cargo services for larger shipping companies such as DHL and UPS. This is also the largest civil operator of Shorts aircraft throughout the globe. The company has its main hub situated at the General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, from where it conducts all of its operations.

The company also owns Supplemental Type Certificates. These allow for their aircraft to be altered from cargo to passenger alterations as well as bringing about a range of unique alterations to the Short SD3- 60 and the SD3- 30 air planes. This ultimately results in enhancing the plane’s value as well as effectiveness in delivering cargo. Almost all of the planes that the company uses have been converted initially from having passenger specifications to cargo specifications, including an expanded, large sized door for cargo as well as a reinforced flat shaped door that allows the officials to quickly load or haul cargo out of the plane.

This is the only company that performs the modifications in house. The company has a separate avionics and instrument division which is known as The Milwaukee Instruments and Avionics, while the company also proudly claims to have one of the largest collection of Short’s aircraft parts anywhere in the world. The company owns more than 9 Short SD3- 30s, 15 SD3- 60- 200s, 7 Short SD3- 60- 300s as well as a Beech craft King Air 90. The company uses the call sign Night Cargo, and provides its services all over the United States, according to its major clientele.

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