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Air Transport International

Situated in Irving, Texas, Air Transport International is one of the largest airlines to provide worldwide cargo services as well as combi charters, mainly for freight forwarders as well as the express package industry. The company also caters to the United States Department of Defense as well as major portions of the automotive industry of the United States of America. The company also provides wet leasing of air crafts and has its headquarters situated in Wilmington, Ohio. Air Transport international is a subsidiary of the Air Transport Services Group.

Air Transport International was originally created back in 1978, and began offering its operations the following year. It was originally known as US Airways, and later became famous as Interstate Airlines. In 1988, the company changed its name to Air Transport International however. The company was sold however, in 2006 to Cargo Holdings, and at that time, it had almost five hundred employees. In the next year that followed after the sale of Air Transport International to Cargo Holdings, profits for worldwide airlines fell in a major manner. However, Air Transport International continued to pay no heed to this trend. By mid-2008, the company had received delivery of fuel efficient as well as fully modernized Boeing 767 PF Aircrafts.

By 2007, the parent company of Air Transport International, Cargo Holdings had made an agreement with Ohio based ABX Holdings, Inc. in order to sell off Air Transport International. The separate Air Transport Services Group umbrella was created for Air Transport International and its sister company, the Capital Cargo International Airlines. However, in January of 2013, Capital Cargo International was shut down, and its assets and operations were merged in to Air Transport International only. The company has around 11 aircrafts at present and caters to clients all over the world.

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