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Aircraft salvage

More than 118 years have passed since the invention of the aircraft and aviation industry in 1903. Today, you can easily fly to another part of the world, making only a couple of transfers along the way.

Do you need an aircraft salvage service? Our company is ready to offer the most favorable conditions for dismantling, cutting aircraft, helicopters for scrap. With a wide base of clients, including other air carriers, Evergreen is also regarded as a global leader in air freight and aviation services.

The plane is one of the most technologically advanced inventions of mankind. But, like any technique, airplanes turn from high-speed air transport into a heap of useless metal over time. Dozens of decommissioned aircraft can be seen in the backyards of airports. The best method to clean up the site and give a second life to the metal is to order aircraft dismantling and send the hull elements for scrap.

If you approach the disposal issue correctly, then this process can bring good income, since the crashed airplanes contain many valuable components. At the very beginning, the engine is removed, depending on the model and condition: they may be of interest to the manufacturer or to the dismantlers. Usually, its cost is the lion’s share of the entire decommissioned device. In the first case, the feasibility of the repair is calculated, if everything fits, then in the future it will have the opportunity to lift some other aircraft into the sky and won’t make an emergency landing. If the condition leaves much to be desired, then it is more rational to sell as aviation dismantled parts, because many parts can still be reused.

Then they move on to the main elements of aircraft control or avionics. Many devices are removed and tested and calibrated, if everything is in order with them, then they are sent to the store counter.

After removing the parts that can still be reused, the fuselage remains practically “bare”. Now it is necessary to disassemble the insides so that only the metal frame is visible. It remains only to cut the remaining parts into scrap metal. It is worth considering that a special aluminum alloy is used in aviation, which differs in an increased requirement for strength and corrosion resistance. For this, magnesium and silicon are used in the alloy, the copper content is minimized. Not all firms are interested in purchasing it because of its narrow scope.

Aircraft scrapping stages

We provide a full range of airplane disassembling services for the dismantling of civil aviation, cargo and passenger aircraft of all categories. We can be entrusted with the disposal of aircraft of any complexity – from a modern Boeing, Airbus to Embraer, as well as other aircraft.

Benefits for the environment

Recycling has a very positive effect on our environment. We have come to the point where almost anything can be recycled and reused. Why store raw materials in an airplane boneyard when they can be used? Considering that a significant part of the materials is made artificially, that is, they will not decompose in the air for many hundreds of years. It is impossible to neglect the ecology as it is happening now. Perhaps in the future, the situation will change for the better.

Why should you entrust us with aviation scraping?

Over the years of experience in the field of aircraft dismantling:

Dismantled parts are a way to save money over purchasing all new parts. If you are looking for scrapped aircraft to restore, you can find damaged helicopters or antique planes here.

If you are searching the aircraft boneyards for hard-to-find Airbus airliner, Cessna parts, Piper parts, Beechcraft parts, Mooney parts, or experimental aircraft parts or just shopping for the best price then you have come to the right place.

When it’s time for airliners to retire or aircraft salvage yards

Commercial airliners have a limited lifespan. Ultimately, they must be taken out of service, stored in aircraft scrapping yards or airplane boneyards or graveyards, and finally dismantled and scrapped.

An aircraft boneyard or aircraft graveyard is a storage area for aircraft that are out of service. Most aircraft at boneyards are either kept for storage with some maintenance or parts are removed for reuse or resale and are then scrapped.

Airliner boneyards provide several types of services:

Many commercial airliners reach their “end of life” at about 25 years of age. The age of an aircraft is measured not only in years but in the pressurization cycles that put stress on the fuselage and wings. Airliners that take longer flights have less stress than those who fly several short flights a day.

This end-of-life decision involves additional factors such as fuel prices and efficiency, maintenance costs, technological obsolescence, and depreciation.

Aircraft salvage auction

After an underinsured aircraft is considered to be uneconomical to repair by the insurance company, rebuildable aircraft are often available for bid. This is more likely due to the owner not having appropriate hull insurance than due to the aircraft not being a candidate for repair.

We list the continuously evolving scraped inventory. To keep updated with our listings, check back regularly. Click on the aircraft profile to bid on any of these dismantled products, fill out your bid, and mail/fax it.

Aircraft salvage parts

One of our main activities is the supply of technical equipment for the needs of small and general aviation aircraft. Our main task is to provide our customers with the best prices for aviation disassembled parts and ensure the shortest delivery times for units and components for servicing private aircraft. And its task we solve successfully.

Our advantages in the sale of Wentworth aircraft parts are a wide range of dismantled parts that are available for routine aircraft maintenance, a flexible system of personal discounts, and special discounts for regular customers.

Dodson aircraft salvage

Also, we cooperate with Dodson aviation scrapping. Any type of aircraft or any amount of inventory is picked up and dismantled by Dodson International.

When you would like to sell some type of aircraft or inventory, our purchasing department is ready to support you. They can give you a fair and easy quote with more than x years of combined experience.

Salvage aircraft fuselage for sale

Where to buy scrapped aircraft fuselage for sale? Here is a list of retired real aircraft that can be set up as an air monument. You can choose a plane model or a replica on a pedestal and buy it in our catalog.

If you are looking for aircraft fuselage for sale or thinking about buying a real decommissioned aircraft at an affordable price, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our catalog. We have a large offer, a variety of aircrafts. A large selection of replicas, copies of legendary aircraft is also presented for sale.

Evergreen Aviation takes care of all the troubles with transportation, restoration, and painting of aircraft. If you want to buy a plane without additional services, you can, of course, pick it up yourself.

Aircraft salvage Florida

Are you looking for aircraft scrapping in Florida? We specialize in the dismantling of aircraft, overhauled avionics, and used engines. By browsing through our many categories or using the search bar located at the top of the page, you can find our thousands of listings of aviation scrapping Florida.

Aircraft salvage California

Searching for salvage aircraft in California? Whether you are an ardent collector of antique aircraft instruments and parts or you are in the process of creating your own aircraft, we have everything you need to finish your collection or remodel it and lift it into the air and fly like new.

Choose our services, find all of the parts you need to complete your project, and get all of your questions answered.

All our aircraft salvage business projects are carried out in accordance with stringent government rules, including the Environment Department, according to the highest ethical standards. Our technical services are audited constantly, and systems are updated periodically. Also, we offer discount aircraft salvage. In terms of environmental and sustainable performance, we have greatly improved end-of-life aircraft management. We look forward to assisting you with your search for helicopters, serviceable aircraft parts, and avionics needs.

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