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AirNet Express

Air Net Express was formed back in 1974, and is currently situated in Franklin County, Ohio, USA, in close proximity to Columbus. The airline specializes primarily in the delivery of small packages and letters, and has a very efficient system in place for the delivery of such items. Once upon a time, the company’s main clientele consisted of banks and the airline provided its services to more than 300 of the largest banks in the country. However, as electronic banking became more and more common, and the introduction of the Check 21 Act, the banking clientele significantly got reduced. The company however redirected its focus on providing a cargo for important packages and documents, primarily those that are needed in the medical as well as the field of science.

The company has established its main sorting facility at the Rickenbacker International Airport, located in Columbus. AirNet Express also released a public announcement six years ago which highlighted the company’s plan to move its sorting facility to Chicago, as well as the redesign of its cargo network and the reduction in the number of air craft that the company owns. The company headquarters still remains in Columbus.

The company was founded by Gerald Mercer in Pontiac, MI. Another company, by the name of Jet Courier was also found in Cincinnati, OH by a Donald Wright. In January 1985, Jet Courier was renamed to Wright International Express. The companies eventually merged in 1988 to become US Check, with Gerald Mercer at its head. The company made several acquisitions in order to become a dominant player in the market and was one of the largest distributors of banking checks in the industry. At present, the company offers its services to all parts of the country, and has a number of different cargo jets in its fleet.

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