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Alaska Central Express

The Alaska Central Express has its headquarters based in the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, which is situated in the city of Anchorage in Alaska, USA. This is a small scale cargo and small package delivery service, owned by the Alaska. The company was formed back in 1996, and has since then become quite a popular figure within the state of Alaska. The company currently holds a fleet of 7 airplanes, most of which are small sized planes that are used for travel between other domestic airports. The Alaska Central Express travels to 35 different destinations.

The Alaska Central Express came in to being when the owners brought the certificate from the Part 135 operator by the same name, which was running its operations from Fairbanks, Alaska. A significant number of the staff, equipment as well as the mechanics were bought from Mark Air Express, which is a subsidiary of Mark Air, a company that went bankrupt. Alaska Central Express also purchased the N115AX, a passenger/ cargo Beech 1900C, and began small sized passenger flights between domestic destinations. The company also plans for future expansion over the next few years, and is rapidly trying to roll out new packages for its clientele. The company currently operates with 7 Raytheon Beech 1900C Airliners.

The company hasn’t remained out of the media eye however, as in 2010, an Alaska Central Air Beechcraft crashed in the sea just a few seconds as it took off from the runway near Sand Point Airport, instantly killing both the crew members. Then, in 2013, another of their planes crashed near the Muklung Hills- Aleknagik, which resulted in the death of two more employees. Since then, the company has stated it will work actively to ensure that the chances of accidents are as minimal as possible.

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