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Alpine Air Express

Set in Provo, Utah, USA, the Alpine Air Express is an American based airline that mainly operates scheduled cargo flights on more than 15 different routes throughout the states of North Dakota, Utah, Montana and South Dakota. The company is based mainly at the Provo Municipal Airport. Alpine Air Express first came in to being in 1972, and was originally offering scheduled cargo as well as passenger based airline services. The company also operated a flight school as well as an air craft maintenance hangar. However, over the passage of time, the company’s focus shifted significantly and at present, it mainly provides cargo based services to customers.

Alpine Air Express also made an attempt to establish Alpine Air Chile, which was an attempt by the company to break in to the air freight market of Chile. Unfortunately, the project did not achieve the heights that the company was hoping it would, and in 2005, it was scrapped by the company. The company re- integrated three Beechcraft 1900C in to its United States fleet as their Chile based business was brought to a close.

Alpine Air Express has also suffered a number of different accidents in the not so distant history. In May 2008, one of their planes crashed, killing the pilot on board. Then, only a few months earlier in January of 2008, one of other planes crashed in the Pacific Ocean, taking the life of the pilot on board. Back in August 2004 however, another of their planes crashed; claiming the lives of two crew members who were on board. Alpine Air Express still gets a lot of business and caters to all of these states; it is one of the most popular air cargo services within the region and has seen positive financial results over the past few years.

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