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Amerijet International

Situated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the aptly named Amerijet International provides all jet cargo based services to various different destinations all over Central America, the Caribbean as well as South America. It is a pretty vast airline and has a decent sized fleet of 9 airplanes. The company was founded way back in 1974, and has since then gone on to become one of the most popular airlines of its time. The main base of the company is the Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood International Airport, while the company also has a hub at the Miami International Airport.

The company was founded by David Bassett, who is also the current Chairman and the Chief Executive of the company. The company started off with a single leased aircraft, and provided both passenger and cargo based services between the Bahamas and the United States. Within a couple of years, the company announced its plans to become a freight only carrier, and focused all of its manpower and resources to becoming a cargo based carrier. A number of courier contracts were received by the company back in 1978 from big companies such as DHL, UPS, FedEx and others such as Airborne Express. In 1982, Bassett bought out the share of his partner, and firmly established the Amerijet International name. From August 2001 till December 2001, the company also operated under bankruptcy protection (Chapter 11), and after financial restructuring, was finally able to re- emerge from its bankruptcy protection. At present, Amerijet international is a wholly owned subsidiary of HIG Capital, which holds around 66% of the company while David Bassett owns 34%. The company has a total of 577 employees. The company operates with Boeing 727 and Boeing 767 aircrafts, of which it owns six and three respectively. In 2009, it signed a labor contract with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

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