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Centurion Air Cargo

Founded back in 1985, Centurion Air Cargo, which is commonly known as the name Centurion Cargo is a very famous cargo based airline that has its headquarters based in the city of Miami, at the Miami International Airport in Miami Dade County, Florida, USA at the Centurion Cargo Center. Centurion Air Cargo mainly provides all cargo services to South America, Europe, North America as well as Central America, and is currently signed in to travel around 20+ destinations on a scheduled basis. The company has a fleet size of 13, and is owned by the Alliance Management Center.

Centurion Air Cargo was first established as the Challenge Air Cargo back in 1985, and used to be a subsidiary of Challenge Air Transport. By 1986, the company had become a separate entity, and was no longer a part of the Challenge Air Transport. Then, in 1999, when the United Parcel Service took over the whole business, a new company was formed under the moniker Centurion Air Cargo, which was tasked with taking over all of the business that was left by Challenge. The Alliance Management Center then purchased the Cenutrion Air Cargo back in 2003.

The company currently includes two Boeing 747 airplanes, one of which is a freighter variant. The company also owns 11 McDonnell Douglas MD- 11F air planes for nearby destinations. It has also retired 12 of its planes because of obsolescence. Centurion Air Cargo is one of the most profitable airlines of the region, and has become a significant provider of cargo services within the region. With more than 20 destinations that it flies to, the company also owns a significant chunk of the market of the cargo services within these regions. It currently has contracts with a number of different companies for courier services.

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