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Situated in Kingsfort, Michigan USA< the CSA Air is a cargo based airline that provides express cargo services to a number of different regions within Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Canada, South Dakota, Illinois as well as Indiana. The company has a massive set of operations, scheduling up to 52 flights on a daily basis. The main base of the company is established at the Ford Airport, in Iron Mountain, Michigan. CSA Air possesses a fleet of 28 airplanes. The company was first founded back in 1998, and has expanded significantly over the past few years to become a famous carrier of its time. The company is owned wholly by Air T. The company also recently purchased another aircraft, similar to the 28 others that it owns; the Cessna 208 Caravan. The company operates with the Callsign IRON Air. CSA Air. The company operates smaller sized aircrafts mainly because of the reason that they are more efficient and easy to manage, as stated by the officials. Only recently, the company signed a contract with a number of courier companies such as DHL, UPS and FedEx in order to expand their cargo operations within the specified regions. CSA Air gets most of its business from the courier companies that it works with. The company has also established its own maintenance department as well, that caters to the needs of aircrafts and provides a whole host of different services to other companies. CSA Air was also recently planning on expanding its operations to include other areas nearby, but the company still hasn’t been able to decide whether the plan would prove to be a successful one or not, and feasibility studies are still being carried out in order to decide whether the company should undertake this new strategy or not. CSA Air also provides a bunch of packages to customers.

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