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Custom Air Transport

Custom Air Transport was created back in 1995, and is a cargo based airline that is situated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. The company began offering its services on the 9th of December, 1995. The company provides a set of cargo services on the behalf of another company, known as Charter America. It also carries out a number of different several postal contracts and also undertakes flights on the behalf of the famous US freight forwarder Eagle Global Logistics. The company’s main base is situated in Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood International Airport. At present, Custom Air Transport operates a fleet of 17 planes. The company’s CEO is Anthony Romeo.

When the company was first established, Custom Air Transport began running cargo flights on behalf of Emery Worldwide, whose headquarters were situated in Dayton, Ohio. Then, when the parent company of Emery Worldwide, by the name of CF Transportation divided the air freight activities in to its division, the contract was transferred to Menlo Forwarding. Custom Air Transport does a bit of flying in the Caribbean as well as in Central America, South America and South America. At present, the company provides two distinct services: domestic scheduled flights between Dayton and Chicago, while internationally scheduled flights are flown to Mexico City.

The company has a fleet of 8 Boeing 727- 200F airplanes, which are fuel efficient, easy to manage and small sized. Most of these planes were purchased from companies on a lease basis, in used condition. The company is wholly owned by Anthony Romeo, who is also the Chairman and the CEO of the firm. Custom Air Transport has a number of different packages available for its individual customers too. However, the company mainly runs courier contracts between companies such as DHL, UPS and other courier companies all over the US.

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