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Defense and Security Systems

Quality Services

• Convoy Security
• Personal Security Detail (PSD)
• Facility Security
• VIP Transport
• Quick Reaction Force (QRF)
• Full Spectrum Security Training
• Vehicle & Personnel Inspection
• UAV surveillance

To help ensure the God-given right of peace, freedom and democracy to all people.

Mission Statement
Evergreen is committed to being defenders of freedom by providing ethical and professional solutions to security challenges. We commit to support national and international policies, as well as our brave military men and women.

A pioneering entity since 1960, Evergreen has proven its ability to respond and mobilize at a moment’s notice, establishing the company as an industry leader and recognized worldwide for excellent service, performance and results. Safety, service, and Quality Without Compromise remain Evergreen’s commitment into the twenty-first century.

Evergreen possesses nearly five decades of experience working with the US Armed Forces, the Department of Defense, the Department of Interior, the United Nations, NASA, and the US Air Mobility Command. Many of our contracts include highly sensitive work-scope, and take place in locations ranging from the deserts of the Middle East to the jungles of South America to the highest peaks of Mt. McKinley in Alaska.

Evergreen Defense & Security Services is dedicated to jointly develop concepts and tactics to provide safe, economical, and efficient service to our customers. At Evergreen, we pride ourselves on being able to fulfill any customer requirement. Our exemplary performance has resulted in numerous awards for safety, outstanding professionalism, expertise and flexibility.

Evergreen Simply Offers More
• Unparalleled success in matching the machine to the mission
• Highly trained private security contractors and civilian peacekeepers
• World-wide service in 180 nations

Government Experience

Evergreen has extensive experience supporting US military needs throughout its history. Evergreen’s aircraft, training facilities, crew qualifications, maintenance procedures, quality control practices and financial status all meet the Department of Defense (DOD) inspection criteria.

Evergreen has flown continuously for the Air Mobility Command (AMC) since 1975, providing rapid, global mobility for US armed forces and has continuously supported global humanitarian relief missions.

Evergreen is also a Civilian Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF), supporting the DOD airlift requirements in emergencies when the need for airlift exceeds the capabilities. Evergreen has provided support in every war and flew 1446 hours in Kuwait following Desert Storm participating in fire fighting, oil spill clean up, personnel transport, and reconstruction activities. All told, Evergreen flew more than 350 missions for Desert Shield and Desert Storm in the hot zone and was recipient of the top patriotic award for its service. After the war Evergreen continued serving the region by flying relief missions into Turkey, Iran and Kuwait.

From March 2001 to October 2005, Evergreen has operated in excess of 4000 missions for AMC in the Boeing 747s. The majority of these missions were supporting Operation Enduring Freedom and Southern Watch and Iraqi Freedom. Evergreen has operated in excess of 120,000 hours worldwide from approximately 30 military bases in the US, Europe, Middle East and the Far East.

Evergreen helicopters have provided evacuation, surveillance, medevac, search and rescue, logistics support, and transportation of supplies and personnel for the US government and other foreign governments for over forty years.

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