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Since 1960, Evergreen Helicopters’ quality, safety, flexibility, reliability and creativity and have earned the company a reputation of excellence. Evergreen has pioneered many early helicopter applications and continues to update our fleet with improved, next-generation equipment.

Evergreen offers a diversified fleet of heavy lift, medium-lift, light helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft operating from a global network of bases. Evergreen remains committed to providing quality service to quality customers, can mobilize on a moment’s notice anywhere on earth, and, with the synergistic capabilities of Evergreen sister companies, offers true turnkey aviation support.

Helicopter Services

Cargo Services

Evergreen Helicopters, Inc. (EHI) provides personnel and cargo transport from major and regional airports to work sites, staging areas and remote camps. Our diverse fleet of rotary and fixed wing aircraft, experienced personnel and award-winning maintenance capabilities guarantee that we will provide for our customer needs.
Evergreen provides transport services around the world. Our Galveston operation coordinates bases serving the Gulf of Mexico and its extensive offshore oil industry. Our customers are a Who’s Who in the oil industry: Shell, Standard Oil, ExxonMobil, Texaco, etc.

Our Alaska operation coordinates transport services throughout Alaska, for example carrying mail for the US Postal Service, supporting North Slope activities, transporting gold for mining, and maintaining infrastructure systems.

Evergreen instantaneously met needs for passenger and cargo shuttles in Kuwait after Desert Shield and Desert Storm. EHI serves with the Air Mobility Command USAF, shuttling personnel and supplies throughout Central & South America.

Aerial Application

Evergreen Helicopters has extensive experience in aerial application worldwide. For example, EHI has completed spray contracts in Canada, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Belize, Pakistan, Togo, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Benin, Niger, Mali, Senegal, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Ghana, and Ethiopia.
Evergreen’s experience includes aerial forestry fertilization, forestry herbicide, gypsy moth, tussock moth, spruce budworm, mosquito and black fly suppression and eradication projects. Evergreen utilizes the Hiller Soloy, Bell 206 series, Aerospatiale Lama, MD 500D/E, Bell 205 and Bell 212 helicopters to support small or large aerial application projects.

In 1974 Evergreen pioneered the launch of the World Health Organization’s war to combat black fly infestations in 13 countires of West Africa, breaking a cycle of blindness that affected millions. Today this project continues from satellite bases in Lama Kara and Odienne.

In 1992 EHI utilized 30 helicopters simultaneously to successfully eradicate the Asian gypsy moth in Tacoma, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

Construction Projects

We support construction projects around the world in a variety of ways. Our professional pilots and diverse fleet are capable of lifting up to 20,000 pounds and precisely setting HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), AHU (Air Handliing Unit), steel frames, curbs, curb adapters, cooling towers, and antennas.
EHI can save you and your contractors valuable time in project completion, helping meet or exceed deadlines and planned work schedules. Our experience has included:

Fire Fighting

Evergreen Helicopters, Inc. (EHI) has an unparalleled commitment to support fire suppression and prevention operations to protect our resources from the threat of fire.

EHI has supported private, federal and state agencies since 1960: from Alaska to South America, from Canada to Kuwait. We have received numerous awards for safety, outstanding professionalism, expertise and flexibility.

Evergreen can mobilize immediately and meet diverse mission requirements. We maintain a diverse fleet capable of carrying up to 20,000 lbs. or flying at high altitudes (we hold a world high-altitude landing record).

Our references will attest to Evergreen’s past success and vast experience: for instance, the USFS, BLM Office of Aircraft Services, Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center, or the States of Oregon, California, Alaska, Washington, and Florida. We provide aircraft on an exclusive use, standby and CWN (call when needed) basis.


Evergreen Helicopters’ commitment to relieve suffering from famine, disease and adverse situations around the world is well known. Our commitment to immediate mobilization and generous philanthropy has been demonstrated in the following selected projects:

Forestry and Logging

Since 1960 Evergreen Helicopters has partnered to improved management in the timber industry. Our logging, spraying, reseeding, planting and fertilizing experience is second to none!

Marine Services and Pilot Transfer

Evergreen Helicopters was the first company in the US to obtain full FAA certification for external hoist operations ashore and on sea-going cargo vessels with single-engine performance. Benefits include:

Marine Services Offered


Evergreen flies around the world providing support to peacekeeping missions. We have experience serving the United Nations, the United States Department of Defense, the U.S. Armed Forces, and foreign governments. Our exemplary performance results in awards for safety, outstanding professionalism, expertise and flexibility.

Evergreen Helicopters served most recently in Angola, Cambodia, Kenya, Kuwait, Liberia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Western Sahara and Yugoslavia.

Powerline Construction and Patrol

Evergreen Helicopters proudly offers our capabilities in support of the transmission and distribution of power. Evergreen’s experience is key to our proven success in anticipating and adequately planning for the inevitable changes necessary as unpredictable challenges arise.

Our powerline work has taken Evergreen crews and machinery around the world. In Asia we constructed a powerline for China Power & Light from Hong Kong to Guanjo. In Mexico, EHI helped reconstruction efforts with Bell 212 helicopters after hurricane Linda mangled the power distribution system.

Evergreen helicopters completed two powerline construction jobs for the Swedish State Power Board (SSPB). One project placed 1,131 powerline towers over a 200-mile distance in 179 flight hours. Using traditional cranes and trucks, the project would have taken well over one year. Our second project for SSPB covered over 100 miles and placed 434 steel towers. In both cases each tower weighed between seven and eight tons.

In Chile, Evergreen conquered flight conditions, terrain challenges and supply logistics to complete a three-year project inspecting powerlines and supporting remote construction sites for the Chilean Power Utility.

One stateside repair job found Evergreen traversing a 10,000 square mile area in Nebraska to expedite repair after an ice storm knocked lines to the ground in sixteen counties. The job was completed thirty days ahead of schedule, enabling farmers to plant crops at a critical time.

Petroleum Support

We have extensive experience in service worldwide, wherever oil is sought or pipelines are laid. This experience, coupled with a diverse fleet capable of performance in any altitude or climate range, allows EHI to meet the most exacting mission requirements.

Evergreen provides transport of scientific and drilling equipment, passengers, large survey parties and their supplies, or major construction supplies. When requirements call for the lift of four to ten-ton payloads, EHI responds with our heavy-lift Sikorsky aircraft.

Recreation and Research

We are experienced in the operation of a flight agency providing heliskiing in Alaska. EHI helped build ski lifts in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Colorado and Alaska.

Evergreen has supported research efforts from the Antarctic to the Arctic. Our helicopters have served for iceberg and whale research, aerial inventorying (marine, game and estuaries), mapping and transporting personnel and equipment to and from remote sites. Our diverse fleet of rotary and fixed wing aircraft, experienced personnel and award-winning maintenance capabilities guarantee that we will meet customer expectations.

Search & Rescue, Medical Evacuation

Evergreen has a long history in search, rescue and medical evacuation operations and holds numerous awards. Our personnel combine a commitment to safety with personal heroic efforts and routinely exceed expectations in the search & rescue arena.

Evergreen began providing air ambulance services in 1979 and is a known innovator in the industry. EHI was given supplemental type certificates for FAA-approved engineering and the design of helicopter medical configurations. EHI repeatedly demonstrates our commitment to the client, exemplary safety performance, strong managerial staff, financial stability, and expertise. Evergreen provided air medical evacuation in Kuwait during Desert Storm. We have maintained services across the US with 35 different hospital operations.


Avionics Specialists of Alaska will meet your refurbishment, repair and regulatory compliance needs.

We provide immediate service to aircraft in Southwest and Southcentral Alaska from our Lake Hood location at the Anchorage International airport. (Piers, ramps and taxiways on site allow all aircraft direct access to our hangar: using wheels, skis or floats).

Avionics Specialists provides service to aircraft worldwide, from the North Slopes of Alaska to Central America and West Africa.

Our clients include corporate, commuter and private aircraft owners. We are unique in providing computer-assisted drawings and imprinted wire numbers to document installations. These services and state of the art assembly techniques guarantee our customers long term reliability, ease of service and ease of future system integration.

Custom installations:

Selling & Servicing ALL major brands, including:


Evergreen Helicopters uses its rotary-winged aircraft in many diverse applications, from the emergency evacuation of accident victims to building stadiums—from agricultural spraying to moving transmission towers. Regardless of the project size, all missions are performed with speed, safety and agility.

Evergreen Helicopters has successfully continued to match machines to missions, develop configurations, and provide essential support to clients worldwide. With professional crews, a diverse fleet of helicopters (heavy, medium, light), and a fixed-wing complement, Evergreen provides support to agriculture, construction, forestry, government, health, law enforcement, peacekeeping, petroleum, seismic, timber, and utility organizations.

Type I Helicopters:Lifts over 5,000 lbs, or more than 16 passengers
AgustaWestland AW139
Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane
Sikorsky S-61
Eurocopter SA 330J Puma
Type II Helicopters:Lifts 2500-4999 lbs, or carries 9-15 passengers
Bell 212
Bell 412EP
Bell 214ST
Sikorsky S-76C++
Type III Helicopters:Lifts 1200-2499 lbs, or carries 5-8 passengers
Aerospatiale SA-315B Lama
AStar AS 350 B2
AStar AS 350 B3
Bell 206 B-III
Bell 206 L-III
Bell 206 LIV
Eurocopter BO-105
Hughes 500D
Hughes 500E
Fixed Wing Aircraft:
Beech King Air 200
Beechcraft 1900
CASA C212-200
Cessna 206
Gulfstream G-IV
Lear 35A
Lockheed WC-130E
Boeing 747

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