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Fayetteville Municipal Airport

4500 S. School Avenue, Suite F, Fayetteville, AR 72701.
Identifier FYV.
Contact: Dale Frederick.
Phone: 501-718-7642.
Fax: 501-718-7646.
Air Service:
All-Cargo: 1
Cargo Space: Total Ramp/Tarmac
Surface for Cargo Handling: 40 acres.
Warehouse Space: 600 s.f.
Occupied: 100 percent
Special Services/Facilities: Planned handling for large animals, equine; planned refrigeration for cut flowers, perishable food, frozen goods; planned quarantine, hazmat, bonded and secure storage.
U.S. Customs: At Tulsa
Traffic and Tonnage:
Total ’00 Tonnage: 300 tons.
Total ’00 Aircraft Movements: 20,282.
Distance to Connecting Transportation (miles):
Rail Terminal: 4,
Ocean Port: 1,000,
Interstate Hwy: 1,
Truck Terminal: 4,
Inland Waterway Port: 100.
Comments: Aviation Industrial Airpark under construction.

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