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Florida West International Airways

Florida West International Airways, often known as FWIA is a cargo airline that runs in the USA and has its operations based in the Miami International Airport in the Miami- Dade County, Florida, USA. The company operates under the call sign FLO West, and at one point in time, it used to schedule flights all over the globe. The main markets of the Florida West International Airways were mainly based in Latin America, the USA as well as the Caribbean. The company’s operational base is the Miami International Airport. Florida West International Airways was established in 1981 and has gone through a number of ups and downs.

Originally, the company was known as Florida West Airlines. However, in October 1994, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Soon after, all of its assets as well as subsidiaries were sold off to Florida West International Airways (by August 1995). Almost a year later, the company restarted its operations. At the turn of the millennium, in 2000, LAN Airlines acquired a 25% stake in the company. Currently, Florida West International Airways operates with 66 employees. The President of the company is Mansour Rasnavad, who is also the CEO. The company has had to sell off its fleet due to the recurring financial troubles, and has massively scaled down its operations, now operating with a single Boeing 767- 300 F that has an average age of 6.3 years. Notably, the company also operates between two destinations now.

Only recently, talks were on going between a number of other companies to acquire two planes, though the deal never went through because of a difference in costs. Mansour Rasnavad has stated that he will be looking to invest into the company and expand its operations in the near future, though it remains to be seen how.

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