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LA/Ontario International Airport

Terminal Bldg, Room 200, Ontario, CA 91761.
Identifier ONT.
Contact: Jens Rivera.
Phone: 909-937-2700.
Fax: 909-937-2702.
Air Service:
Total carriers: 13,
All-Cargo: 10, Non-Scheduled Charter: Varies
Cargo Space: Ramp/Tarmac
Surface for Cargo Handling: 7.35 acres
Warehouse Space: No facilities
Foreign Trade Zone: Yes
U.S. Customs: Yes
Traffic and Tonnage:
Total ’00 Tonnage: 510,721 tons, +4.5 percent.
Total ’00 Aircraft Movements: 155,501, -0.7 percent.
Distance to Connecting Transportation (miles):
Rail Terminal: 12,
Ocean Port: 50, Interstate Highway: .25
Comments: New belly cargo facility to be completed late 2001; estimated additional 15,000 s.f. and 3,000 s.f. of office space.

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