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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

3400 Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85034.
Identifier PHX.
Contact: Cindy Lazarraga.
Phone: 602-273-3459.
Fax: 602-273-8884.
Air Service:
Total carriers: 8,
All-Cargo: 4.
Cargo Space: Total Ramp/Tarmac
Surface for Cargo Handling: 1,457,000 s.f.
Warehouse Space: 331,586 s.f.
Occupied: 100 percent
Foreign Trade Zone: Yes.
Special Services/Facilities: Handling for large animals, existing refrigeration of cut flowers, perishable food, frozen goods, quarantine, hazmat, bonded and secure storage.
U.S. Customs: Yes
USDA Inspector: Yes
Freight Forwarders: 11
Traffic and Tonnage:
Total ’00 Tonnage: 374,164 tons, +2.4percent.
Total ’00 Aircraft Movements: 490,630, +5.2 percent.
Distance to Connecting Transportation (miles):
Rail Terminal: 1,
Interstate Hwy: 1,
Truck Terminal: 1.
Comment: A redesign of the west air cargo facility of 197,760 s.f. has been approved.

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