In Puerto Vallarta you can enjoy a tropical paradise that combines a delightful rustic atmosphere of narrow, cobbled streets with round the clock fun on some of the world’s best beaches.

The simple, cheerful and typically Mexican atmosphere of Puerto Vallarta will captivate you from the moment you feel the sun’s rays on your body while enjoying the delicious local drink Tequila.

The traditional village has excellent hotel infrastructure, catering to all tastes and budgets: Gran Turismo (Mexico’s top rating), suites and condominiums, hotels and hostels, with gastronomic delights to match in dozens of restaurants with an enormous variety of specialties dishes to satisfy even the most demanding palate.

Puerto Vallarta is an excellent place for water sports such as scuba diving and kayaking, as well as environmental tours that include visits to the lagoon or the jungle, with some excellent hiking in beautiful natural surroundings.

Sea, sand, sun, magic, tradition, romance, art, good cheer and a warm welcome all await you at this tourist destination. Puerto Vallarta invites you to stroll through its old cobblestone streets and enjoy its delicious salty flavor.

Location from the Airport

The International Airport Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, located in the highway Francisco Medina Ascencio, is only 15 minutes away from of the city and you can take an authorized taxi so that it can take you to the hotel area or any place.

Time Zone

Like Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta is at -06:00 GMT, which means that when it is 1:00 PM in Puerto Vallarta, it is 11:00 PM in Los Angeles, 2:00 PM in New York and 8:00 PM in Paris. In Mexico the Schedule of Summer is applied at the same time as the rest of the countries of the world, advancing the clock one hour between the months of April and October, although for this occasion the hour movement will be made from May to September.


The official currency is the Mexican peso, and some establishments accept American dollars.


Puerto Vallarta enjoys tropical weather year round, with average annual temperature of 27 degrees C and cool evenings in winter. The summer is sunny, with occasional rain in the afternoon.