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What are the top cities of UAE?

The first one is the extremely cosmopolitan Dubai. Use the abra to see the city in a whole new light. The next one is Abu Dhabi where you can take a stroll and enjoy the beautiful Corniche all over. Another great region to visit is Sharjah which was a wind tower. You might also want to get lost in the labyrinthine lanes at Al-Ain.

What is one thing you should not miss out in Qatar?

That would be shopping. The Souq Waqif is the old market place in Qatar. At night, a number of dining establishments open. You will find that bargaining is a natural thing to do. There is also the Villagio mall that exudes a Venetian flair with indoor gondolas. Katara is a great place for food, beach and culture.

What famous structures are tourists worthy in Oman?

There are around 500 forts erected across the country. The historic forts are the most popular to the tourists. Most of the popular ones are located in Muscat. The 16th century forts of Mirani and Jalali are very popular. The Bahla Fort is a UNESCO heritage site and it has walls extending up to 7 miles created between 13th and 14th centuries.

What places should be included in your Kuwait itinerary?

First is the scientific center and Aquarium where you can learn to appreciate the marine life in Kuwait. There is also the Tareq Rajab Museum that showcases dazzling artifacts of the past like regional headdresses that were salvaged before the Iraqi took siege. The triple towers of Kuwait can reveal amazing scenes and panoramic views.

What is the most popular site in Bahrain?

The Qala’at al-Bahrain or the Bahrain Fort is situated at the Shore to the North and is a short drive from Manama. This is a 16th century fortification. It can give you a glimpse of the sea. The fort was bequeathed by the Portuguese. Nearby, there is a museum that includes artifacts from the Ancient Dilmun.

What is the hottest thing to do in Nicaragua?

If you want a really hot activity, then going to the Maribios Volcanic chain might interest you. Five active volcanoes comprise this chain and all of them are climbable. You can find lakes formed on craters, hot springs and the most fun is to do some volcanic surfing. Nothing extreme like walking on lava here.

What are the Key attractions of Guatemala?

The Mayan Ruins rare the most popular attractions in Guatemala. El Mirador is the foremost site in this nation that is assumed as the cradle of the Mayan civilization. Another important set of ruins is at Tikal which is the largest. Set up a plan to visit the ruins before sunrise so that you can see how the sun shines over the ancient structures.

What is the most appealing attraction of El Salvador?

In El Salvador, there is a strong motivation for “green” adventure or Eco tourism. There are a number of organizations offering such services. If you want, you can also go to the beach and explore the beauty of the areas. The national parks are also great venues to participate in Eco tourism.

What activities in Costa Rica are most enjoyable?

Bird watching is undeniably the most amazing thing that you can do in Costa Rica. This country is so rich in biodiversity that numerous areas are protected to keep the population of the animals intact. In Costa Rica, 800 species of birds or more are available and if you aim to photograph them all, you will have to take a very long leave to do that.

What is the best travel destination in Belize?

There is nothing more amazing than to visit the Great Blue Hole which is a natural sinkhole that is underwater. It is close to the center of the Lighthouse reef and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a great place for scuba divers for them to see the diverse aquatic life in the waters of Belize.

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