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What are the touristic opportunities at Cuzco?

The city is the ancient capital of the Inca civilization nestled at the Southern Sierras. Today, the city is a major tourist destination with alluring colonial buildings. This is also the gateway to the beautiful ruins of Machu Picchu as well as the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Plaza De Armas and the walls of the Incan Empire are popular spots here.

What tourist-worthy activities are available in Siberia?

The southern part of Siberia is a great place for mountain climbing, rafting and hiking. There are also acres and acres of forests and a lot of cottage villages. Lake Baikal is a fantastic tourist hit waiting to happen. The great thing is that Siberians are generally pleasant and friendly and many hotels and restaurants are being improved to boost tourism.

What notable places should one visit in the Western Arctic?

The Aulavik National Park is a seldom-visited location with a high concentration of badlands, tundra, archeological areas and musk oxen. The Tuktut Nogait National Park only has a small center for visitors. It is also rich in musk oxen and there are 2 bird sanctuaries for seabirds and snow geese.

What is the best way to experience the USA?

A road trip is the best way to do it. Yes, the gas prices are high but if you want to see the soul of the US, shy away from the blinding lights and bustling cities and hit the road. Get a GPS and look for the interstates as well as old roads such as the Route 66 that was the icon of progress in the US land travel.

Where in Canada should you witness nature?

There are a bunch of National Parks in this country but if you really want something that is wild and unique, the Northwest and Yukon Territories or those at the Northern Region will give you something unique. This is a location for rarely seen and extraordinary animals. You might also want to learn the ways of the Inuit people.

What interesting sights are available in Tinian (Marianas Islands)?

This is a peaceful island with very attractive ancient stones called latte, beaches, grazing areas vistas and some deteriorated buildings. The place is used to change, apparently. During the 2nd World War, this became a military base. Now, there is a massive gambling venue here. It is geared for tourism nowadays.

Is there anything good to find in the Southern Ocean?

If you want to head to Antarctica, you have to cross this perilous 5th Ocean formed by the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific. On your way, check out Ushuaia where you might be able to see a ship tied up on the pier. Next, go to the Maritime Museum at Ushuaia to see hand crafted ship models. Go and check out Cape horn as well as Islas Diego Ramirez.

What must see places should you visit at Falkland Islands?

You should go to Goose Green first so that you can pay respects to those who passed away during the bloody Falklands war at the said site. Next, head to Stanley for the Falkland Islands Museum. Then, head ashore to the Sea Lion Island to witness different Falkland penguin species.

What is the best place to enjoy unspoilt tourism in Lebanon?

Tripoli may be a very popular city for its several mosques, citadel and other fancy stuff but it is most notable for the traditional sweets. Aside from the sweets, you might want to go for a nice seafood lunch. The city also has the best coffee places in Lebanon so enjoy a nice stroll and then eat well for a really good time experiencing street tourism.

What places should you visit on the beautiful country of Yemen?

The old San’a is full of amazing architecture and decorative effects. It is also nice to walk around its alleyways. The Haraz Mountains is a magnificent location of fortresses and fields. The next is Wadi hadramawt. It is a notable sandcastle city and it gives you a vision of it could have been in the past.

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