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Whale Watching Off Baja California, One of Mexico’s Best Kept Secrets

Few would guess that stretching across an 800-mile desert filled with exotic cacti, barren hills and rugged mountains off the southern tip of Baja California, Mexico, is one of the best whale watching sites in the world.

Of the world’s approximate 15,000 gray whales, an estimated 11,000 make a yearly migration to the warm waters found in the Ojo de Liebre lagoon system of the Pacific Coast. The whales travel an estimated 10,000 miles from the Bering Sea to give birth here in the largest gray whale “delivery room” in the world.

Historically, these lagoons were sites for mass hunting during the early 1900’s, leading to the near extinction of California gray whales. However, largely due to governmental protection, one-fifth of today’s 80 recognized species of whales migrate to Mexico to one of the most biologically diverse bodies of water in the world. Today, visitors to Mexico’s Baja Peninsula can witness this spectacular congregation.

The peak time for whale watching in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula is January through late March or early April. During these months, it is not uncommon to see dark, elongated forms moving just beneath the surface of these shallow waters, shooting massive streams from its blowhole two meters into the air.

Many guides believe the best months for whale watchers to get a firsthand look at young whales is late mid-March to early April. This is the time when older males have begun to migrate and mothers concentrate on building the strength of their calves for the long journey north. The return journey usually commences with the first full moon in April. With the absence of male whales, mothers are less protective and often allow their young to approach tour boats more freely.

All travelers visiting Los Cabos, whether honeymooning, seeking an ecological adventure or traveling on business will not regret taking a day to revel in the spectacular beauty and majesty of a whale-watching trip. Both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo offer a wide-range of resorts to suit a variety of vacation seekers.

San Jose del Cabo offers lush palm groves, friendly, historic charm and the sanctity and romance of a colonial village, ideal for honeymooners. For those seeking an active nightlife, Cabo San Lucas offers an array of nightclubs, exquisite shopping and fine dining.

No matter what you are seeking, the many moods of Mexico offer a variety of experiences difficult to match anywhere else. Where else can you climb a pyramid in the morning, snorkel before lunch, shop for exquisite crafts, dine on authentic Mexican cuisine and dance until dawn? Come discover one or many. Ranging from romance, adventure and ecotourism to golf, watersports, cuisine arts & culture, Mexico’s many moods are sure to fulfill your travel needs.

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